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Our English Language Arts program provides individualized instruction in phonics, reading fluency and reading comprehension. We personalize each child’s program to build the necessary skills for on level and above level mastery in English Language Arts. Each child is provided with direct guided instruction in basic skills and opportunities to engage in reading and writing integration utilizing our immense leveled reading library. It is our goal to assist each child in developing confidence in the reading and writing process. The foundation of our English Language Arts program is guided by the Georgia Standards of Excellence and prepares each child for success in the end of year Georgia Milestones Assessment.

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The Math Program is designed to assist each child who is struggling to develop foundational skills in the new math concepts. Strong math skills provide students with greater success in the classroom setting as well as provide greater opportunities for future challenges in higher levels of math and career development. Ongoing diagnostic assessments assist us in tailoring the math program to meet your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses and help them learn at their pace. The math curriculum is structured to meet the requirements for the Georgia Standards of Excellence and provide students with the necessary skills to be successful with the end of year Georgia Milestones Assessment.

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The Writing Program is integrated with the English Language Arts Program. Instruction is provided in the writing process, grammar, and writing well-planned and organized essays and reports. The program is tailored to the individual needs of each student to provide increased opportunities for progression on and above grade level. Writing activities assist the child in building writing skills and utilizing the skills in all subject areas. The Writing Program is developed to incorporate the Georgia Standards of Excellence. In addition, the program is integrated with other grade level content areas to increase competence in writing across the curriculum. Opportunities are provided to use evidence based written responses to provide guidance in success for the Georgia Milestones Assessment.

Test Prep
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The Test Prep program uses comprehensive instruction and review of the skills necessary for success in state and local testing in addition to the SAT/ACT tests. The approach we use is designed to provide hands on instruction and opportunities to utilize online resources and SAT/ACT practice tests. Emphasis is placed on strengthening test taking skills and subject area strategies to be successful in the varied types of test questions. Students are provided with instruction in reading comprehension, math concepts and application, writing, and the development of vocabulary.

Academic Enrichment
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Our fun enrichment programs engage children in creative, conceptual problem solving that builds confidence and helps them succeed in school. From Game-Based Learning courses to Reading and Writing competitions to Math and Science challenges, A+ Tutors and STEM prepares children for 21st Century skills and ignites every child’s imagination.

The STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and our additional Academic Enrichment activities immerse each student in an engaging learning environment that encourages them to identify, create, and solve real-world problems. The activities engage children in creative, conceptual problem solving that builds confidence and helps them advance in school. A+ Tutors and STEM Academy is committed to preparing children for 21st Century skills while igniting every child’s imagination and enjoyment for learning.

Homeschool Support
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The A+ Tutors and STEM Academy Homeschool Support Program is a homeschool enrichment program that has been created to supplement and complement the efforts of parents who have chosen to be their child’s primary educator. We believe the best people to make the best decision about the best education for a child are the parents. Our mission is to come along side of homeschooling parents and provide for homeschooled students the best of both worlds, bringing together the dynamic experience of a public school classroom and the freedom of a homeschool education.

Why would parents choose A+ Tutors and STEM Academy for their Homeschool Support?

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  • Rigor and accountability of classroom experience
  • Shared academic time with peers and great friendships
  • Innovative hands-on, performance-based classes
  • Field trips organized for and by home school families
  • Highly qualified, licensed, dedicated, teachers who support home schooling
  • Low student / teacher ratios means flexibility to offer more personal attention
  • Timely, insightful communication from teachers
  • No-cost home school curriculum lending library
  • Optional standardized testing that fulfills state home school assessment law
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