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We at A+ Tutors and STEM Academy, LLC, believe in developing the potential of each student to prepare them for today’s academic success and skills for the global community of tomorrow. Our instruction at A+ Tutors and STEM Academy is delivered with a strong philosophy in the talent and potential of each student. The A+ Tutors and STEM Academy model has been developed to increase the academic level of every child enrolled in our program. We have 20+ years of experience guiding children to academic success in grades K - 12. Our program provides students with hands-on materials, project-based learning activities and optimum resources to guide each student to confidence in learning and success in real-life academic experiences. All students, regardless of age or school grade level, can enhance their academic growth with our personalized program of study. By consistently delivering on-going concrete results, students can soar with newfound skills, confidence and success in learning.

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A+ Tutors and STEM Academy, LLC, is a family-based educational program developed by an award winning educator. Certified in 13 areas, Mrs. Dalmida-Montgomery has received awards as Teacher of the Year, and the Dwyer Award of Teaching Excellence. Having served as an Education Administrator, Curriculum Developer, Classroom Teacher and College Instructor, Mrs. Dalmida-Montgomery is able to utilize her training and experience in delivery of a well-designed program utilizing researched methods.

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